The MOBA world’s most popular has celebrated in its tenth anniversary. Riot Games, in a live broadcast, has made it clear that the next goal of the game, after becoming king all of the phenomenon of eSports, is in the expansion towards other territories. Towards other genders beyond the arenas of combat, online multiplayer, and to other formats and platforms.

Among such expansions to other genres we have a fighting game with characters from LoL under the code name ‘Project L’ and they have hardly seen a few very early images. There will also be a card game, ‘Legends of Runeterra’, in the style of ‘Hearthstone’. Another code name, ‘Project F’, you receive what seems to be a RPG completely action-oriented, in the style of ‘Devil’. And another, ‘Project’, a FPS handy who wants to make the competition to the classics of the genre and that it will arrive in 2020.

In terms of the new platforms to the that aims to expand Riot, the project’s most striking is ‘Arcane’, an animated series developed in-house by Riot and you just know that you will be with characters of the cities of Piltover and Zaun. But without doubt, the ad more eye-catching of this tenth anniversary, among many other projects with names proivisionales and dates undetermined, is the one that affects the ‘LoL’: you will arrive to mobile and consoles in 2020.

‘League of Legends’ out of the computers

These new iterations will be known as ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ and your arrival is scheduled to consoles and iOS and Android mobile, platforms for which it has been designed from scratch, and not as a mere port. There will be No changes in the gameplay, usual for the franchise, with battles of five against five, but the controls are tailored to fit pads and control systems native. In addition, it will try to the games are faster than usual and do not exceed 20 minutes.

‘Wild Rift’ will be available to 40 of the most popular heroes of the game, which implies a reduction with respect to the possibilities of the first version, but Riot specifies that the appearance of all of them will be improved. They have also clarified that it will be able to unlock without paying. There are No dates, but it is possible to register to access as soon as it is available the version for Android. Riot also announced that the autobattler ‘Teamfight Tactics’ would come to mobile, imminent on iOS and very soon on Android.

It is not the only novelty that Riot has been announced for ‘League of Legends’. In the event of tenth anniversary, the company spoke of modifications in the map thanks to the action of the dragons elemental and introduced to a new supporting character, Senna.