That every one enjoys the games as he comes in wins is something impepinable that, in an ideal world, no one should put in doubt. But that does not mean that actions such as the user’s TALOCAN of Fortnite surprised by what curious of the milestone.

Of German origin, this player has reached the level 532 of Fortnite in Season 2, and aims to reach up to level 600 before the start of Season 3. The challenge is mind-boggling to anyone who knows how slow it is sometimes level up in the game of Epic, but this is not surprising.

The video shown below is an hour and a half of play in which this user is dedicated to making constantly the same. Enters in a game of Skirmish of the Teams, it falls on Accumulations Angry, collect all the chests and boxes of ammo you find and quit the game.

If more than an hour I find it funny, the relay three hours that you have after goes even further. The method guarantees around 5,000 experience points every five minuteswithout challenges or medals, so that jumping from one level to another involves repeating the process for about two hours.

Not many would be willing to have that commitment, even less so when there is a prize at the end of that hard road-the Agent Banana golden jumps in the level 350– but kudos to him for his undeniable determination.