For those who don’t know, the use of a macro in a video game refers to an external program that gives you the ability to link a number of mouse movements, keystrokes, etc to a single button, which facilitates the task of completing certain tasks.

The issue of the use of macros in Fortnite has recently emerged, in large part due to a dispute between two YouTubers australians. EJLad accused SerpentAU using macros to quickly edit their videos. SerpentAU admitted that yes used a program once for a video, but decided not to move forward.

That is not the topic we are discussing, here, but sets the stage for why the macros seem to be a hot topic in the community of Fortnite. This story begins with a series of tweets, now deleted from NRG Fortnite pro, Williams ‘Zayt’ Aubin. The first tweet promised to expose you to the popular professional of Fortnite that used macros to accomplish the technique of “double movement”.

Screen capture via: Esports Talk

In a tweet, tracking, Zayt called Tfeu, UnknownArmy, Zexrow, BuckeFPS, Khanada, and Kreo. “I learned about the double movement a year ago and what I practiced,” wrote Zayt in another tweet. “Now all of these professionals use macros and it’s fucking annoying. Probably will not happen anything.

All the professionals in Fortnite that were mentioned in this tweet, with the exception of the Tfeu and Zexrow, responded directly to these accusations. None of the professional respondents seemed to take the situation too seriously when they proclaimed their innocence.

As we said, Zayt deleted these tweets and offered no proof that any of the professionals mentioned using macros. Everyone seemed to let the accusation slide off after a couple of blows to change.

It is very difficult to know if a player uses or not macros subtle from the perspective of the viewer. It is very possible that there are some professionals that use them, but there is no concrete evidence that Kreo, Bucke, Unknown, Tfeu, ZexRow and Khanada are among them.

We communicate with Zayt to clarify these tweets. He responded by telling us that “there is 0 evidence of anyone, except Tfeu, currently the subject”. In reference to the other professionals named, said: “I Am pretty sure that they are all legitimate”.

Via: @TTfue

At the time of writing this article, we do not have evidence that the Tfeu or any other professional Fortnite use macros for double movement. Zayt, for his part, seems convinced that Tfeu is to be used, although without any substantial proof. We will keep you informed if anything more comes to light with this story.

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