Fnatic will be facing in the group of death in these Worlds 2019

The championship world 2019 League of Legends has already commenced with this first draw organized in Berlin, from which have come the groups for these Worlds 2019.

The first have begun for the teams in the Play-In, which will be held the 4 posts remaining of the main phase and in where they can play teams, “minors” of the regions officials, and other regions on the rise such as Oceania, for example.

After have been chosen the main groups by where the only rule is that two teams from the same region may not face in these items to the best of one.


Between matches, the more relevant we are to the europeans Splyce who will face-off against the representatives of Latin america, Isurus Gaming; Clutch Gaming, for its part, will face off against the new Unicorns of Love, and the representatives of oceania, MAMMOTH. Without a doubt a very interesting group.

Also make mention of Flamengo, the brazilian team, which has played the worst group of all. Fight against the south koreans Damwon and the turks Royal Youth, and, although for many it seems impossible to access, you can’t be sure of anything in be games until the end.

We leave the box of the pairings below for you to bear a look.

Main phase

The draw has been made Daniele “Jiizuke” DiMauro, and Jakob “Yamatocannon” Mebdi, player and coach of Team Vitality. To the misfortune of LEC, has touched the europeans a few groups very difficult, being the first G2 who will fight against Griffin and the by now semi-finalists Cloud 9.

Even if the nightmare comes to Fnatic. The european team is positioned along with SKT T1 and Royal, this being the group of death and in which secure, any team that reaches the Play-In you want to be.

In addition, we have to Team Liquid that will play against Invictus Gaming and that puts the icing on the cake that will be for sure one of the best world of League of Legends.

What you seem to be the pairings? What teams do you think will take the Play-In? We invite you to tell us your opinions below in the comment box. Thank you for continuing day-to-day all the news of the world of video games in Pl4yers.

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