To survive and achieve a Victory Royale in Fortnite it requires skills, knowledge of the field of play, and the energy to overcome your opponents. However, none of that matters if you don’t have the right “weapons”. Put together an arsenal that suits your play style and knowing how to manage your inventory as you progress the game is crucial if you want a victory. You would not want to see you in the middle of a battle from long range on the top of a mountain without a good sniper rifle, nor is it a good omen when the storm takes you to a part of the map full of small constructions and don’t take a shotgun. In our guide of the best weapons of Fortnite learn about the different types that there are, the more effective of each category and some good tips to master them.

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The colors of the weapons and what they mean

These are the best weapons in Fortnite
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The selection of weapons Battle Royale of Fortnite varies between categories, with quite a few options from which to choose. From the assault rifle silenced until the rocket launcher explosive, there is something for every style of play. In addition, each weapon has a different level of rarity. No matter if you are looking for a smg or an assault rifle; all fall within the color code.

  • Gray: common
  • Vede: rare
  • Blue: rare
  • Purple: epic
  • Orange: legendary

Less common is a weapon, the greater will be the damage that it causes. In combat, the weapon of best-in-class is the one that has the most potential to cause damage, so if you enter the battle with an assault rifle, gray and you face one blue, the person who has the blue will have the advantage, and so on.

If at any time during the game you find a version of a weapon you already use but at a higher level, be sure to swap them and stay with the new color. This will ensure that you do the most damage possible. The weapons the greys and greens are good at the beginning of the game, but you have to have at least some blue for the time in which half of the players has died.

Choose between different weapons of different levels is more complicated. It might not be a good idea to change an assault rifle’s common for a gun that is epic if you know that you are about to cover some open ground. If you must make a decision of this nature, think about what you plan to do next and what weapon fits better to the ground. If you’re not very skilled with the sniper rifles, don’t waste inventory space on one, even if it is legendary.

The best weapons of Fortnite Battle Royale

These are the best weapons in Fortnite
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Although find any weapon in your way is better than to be running around the map wielding a pickaxe with violence and with the hope of avoiding the first 90 players before to give you a shot, some are better than others; for example, you should be more enough to track down with a shotgun than with a pistol, as it will keep you much safer.

This is a hierarchy reliable with which you will learn what weapons deserve more of your attention, in order of desirability. Some of these weapons have already been sent to the vault – this means that they were removed from Fortnitealthough they may appear from time to time during special events. When they are available, are the best weapons in the game, so stay tuned.

Assault Rifles

Although the rifles are ace-high are not the most powerful weapons of the game, yes they are the most versatile. There are several different styles, with different types of power. Not end up with an opponent who is on the other side of the map, but you’ll be protected when you need to make a quick escape or when you cast for that Victory Royale and you have five people in your way. Just make sure to shoot in short bursts and you’ll have no problem.

These are the different types of assault rifles that you can currently get in the game:

  • Drum Gun Midas (this weapon is only available when Midas is defeated at the Agency)
  • Assault Rifle of Skye (available when Skye is defeated in the Shark)
  • Gun Peow Peow of Miaúsculos (available when Miaúsculos is defeated in his yacht)
  • Assault Rifle M4 normal
  • Assault Rifle burst
  • Assault Rifle SCAR
  • Assault Rifle heavy
  • Assault Rifle silenced
  • Assault Rifle with a sight (in the vault)
  • Assault Rifle thermal (in the vault)


Shotguns are not the best for long distances, but if you have someone close to you can shake up your world with a devastating shot. They are the perfect addition to your assault rifle. Some are significantly better than others, so look until you find the one that works best for you. These are the types that there are:

  • Shotgun tactical
  • Shotgun sliding
  • Shotgun double barrel (in the vault)
  • Shotgun heavy (in the vault)

Submachine guns

Although they are not as powerful or as direct as assault rifles or shotguns, the submachine guns are preferable in the battles in which you need something fast and light to eliminate the competition. Are automatic, so that in the case of hysteria, you can simply leave the trigger down. I can fit plenty of ammunition. Here are all of the submachine guns:

  • Smg
  • Submachine gun compact

Sniper Rifles

Let’s face it: not everyone can shine as snipers. But if all you can find is a sniper rifle, use it wisely. It will be necessary that you are constantly on the move and in search of areas in which you can sit down to wait for people to pass to shoot, but while you are hidden you’ll be the terror of all and you can finish a shot with anyone you put in front (although this is not strictly a rifle, we also include the crossbow in this category, due to its functionality).

  • Arc Boom (this weapon is available only when TNTina is defeated in the Platform)
  • Sniper Rifle heavy
  • Crossbow hunter
  • Hunting Rifle (in the vault)
  • Sniper Rifle bolt action (in the vault)

Explosives and heavy weapons

Explosives and heavy weapons can be more or less useful. If you find a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher, you’ll be fine with them for a while, but it may be out of ammunition quickly. No weapons are ideal in most situations, although they can certainly get you out of a tight spot. For this reason, it is best to save them for those attacks end in which there is only a handful of players.

Explosives and heavy weapons are extremely powerful; they are also extremely difficult to get.

  • Rocket launcher
  • Pitcher quadruple
  • Minigun
  • Grenade launcher (in the vault)


Most of the guns cause little damage, although if you find the right one can be deadly. It is only that they are much slower, rarely are automatic and trigger less damage per shot than most other weapons. Either way, having a gun is better than not having anything. Fortunately, in recent months, Epic Games has included some guns impressive that can surprise your enemies.

  • Gun
  • Gun with silencer
  • Stir
  • Gun shot six times (in the vault)
  • Cannon hand (in the vault)

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