If there is something good behind the constant delays of the Device event and the end of Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2, is that with the leaks continue to appear, the fans can start to devise theories about what is happening in the central storyline of the game.

On Season 2 what we know is that he came to The Agency, and secret agents, but we don’t have an idea nuclear behind everything that is happening. However, with the revelation of the image for the 3 Season the players began to tie up loose ends and believe that they have discovered that everything was planned for a long, long time.

The theory dates back to the 9th Season of Fortnite, with The Visitor. In the image of the bunker Jonesy players believe they have discovered a direct reference to the Season 3 Chapter 2: the island with palm trees. But it is not the only thing, as there is also a picture of a dam breaking, and in Fortnite there is a currently on the outskirts of Field Calígine.

However, the theory does not end there. In this season there is a message from the visitor, in which it mentions the “device activation” within your recordings. Until now it was assumed that such a device was the lighthouse dimensional of the Season X, but could have been speaking of the machine of the day of judgment, and of the Device event, the event name of the end of the season that will next Monday, June 15.

With all this in mind, the theory indicates that The Visitor would return during the event through a new crack to activate The Device, which would cause the rupture of the dam and flooding the map, which seems pretty farfetched, but if one looks at the aforementioned tracks, it would make sense.

We will wait until the 15th of June to see if this theory is real, or Epic Games decides to go for another road to make way for the new season of Fortnite.

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