The first steps of Fortnite: Battle Royale in the networks, and not allowed to see how big it was going to become the phenomenon. A shooting game without great graphics, but that included two major new features: could get 100 users at a time, and you could build structures in the blink of an eye. And the best thing is that everything was free.

Epic Games hit full in its formula and in addition did a great job of promotion investing in youtuber instead of advertising conventional. The developers of this shooter saw the vein, content creators, and they have returned the favor by making his title one of the most popular on YouTube.

Among those that benefited in our country, if not the most, has been TheGrefg. Your climb, especially this year, has led it to be one of the very few youtubers at the global level in having your own skin in the game. Where will you exit? Well, that is the eternal question, leave it for another day. The case is that he and his squadron colleagues are some machines playing.

Within the Squad Sausage, which accumulates more visits with this game is Ampeterby. The roommate of TheGrefg (or should we say companion of mansion?) has taken good advantage of the game, and their videos tend to be in the first positions of the recommended of Fortnite.

People of the stature of WillyRex, or ElRubius also made his first steps with Fortnite. The first, with items that accumulate tens of millions of visits, and the second with a charity tournament that made history by bringing all the relevant names of YouTube in our country. Two years ago, of that and from time to time when you check a few matches, but nothing serious.

We can not leave out of the count ElChurches. You may not reach the numbers of other members of this list, while its content is curradísimo with proposals as original as mix Tik Tok with Fortnite.

Maybe in the ranking that we did for youtubers of FIFA we had our doubts about who was the best, although in Fortnite there is little doubt that Lolito Fernandez is a fierce mouse and probably the best player. Has come to participate in international tournaments, does record visits on Twitch thanks to a direct spectacular, and if you dare, you can become a part of the professional team which also owns: Vodafone Giants. Above all, it is a type of what is more authentic.