League of Legends it is a game that has conquered the hearts of millions of people around the world. The evolution of this title has been spectacular and you can see a clear improvement in all aspects of the gameplay.

However, it is also one of the games more irritating causes. At the end you’re playing with four other players, most of the times unknown, in your same computer, and five opponents that directly affect your game.

In addition, it is a game in which coordination is crucial, so that in the event that one person decides to ruin the game what will you get with total security, by much that you will strive to avoid it.

If in addition we add that the games are long enough, the mixture that is formed when someone you mars one is quite explosive. In summary, is a game able to fall in love, and alienate their fans in equal parts.

This is what has happened to TheGrefg. Surely a lot of people do not know, but this creator of content already playing League of Legends many years ago. Even has videos on his channel of 2014 in which you can see as you try to climb to gold.

After this it was gradually losing interest, until the arrival of this quarantine. Because there are to fill up more time with activities inside the house, it is logical to look for new games with which to entertain and League of Legends is one of the most commonly used settings.

This led to TheGrefg to return to play after two years without doing it. However, it seems that the feelings were not too good. In the same tweet that announced its return to this game, also dropped that probably would not touch it.

“Today I went back to League Of Legends after 2 years and I don’t want to play anymore.“were the exact words of the creator of content in social networks. The truth that he has not explained the reasons to be found as well, but may be motivated by the players toxic living in Summoner’s Rift.