Thea 2 The Shattering PC is a turn-based strategic recreation, combining parts identified from card productions and RPGs. It’s a continuation of Thea: The Awakening, additionally produced by MuHa Games Studio. If you’re a fan of intensive methods, get video games without spending a dime and rise to all challenges. The launch date is scheduled for subsequent 12 months, however early entry is 30 November 2018. Price on steam: 24,99 USD.

Thea 2: The Shattering Download

Thea 2: The Shattering PC is a direct growth of options identified from the primary installment of the cycle. Player once more offers with an authentic style combine. Apart from turn-based technique 4X, the manufacturing affords mechanisms identified from survival, card and paragraph video games. The surroundings traversed by the participant is generated randomly. In the sport’s world we will discover quite a lot of places providing numerous artefacts, undergrounds and treasures to find. Player can concentrate on adventures or expeditions or go for strategic strategy, constructing villages and taking on areas which might be later added to his kingdom. An essential component of gaming is storing of uncooked supplies which can be utilized in crafting system. The sort of parts essential to make a specific object can be generated randomly.

Thea 2 The Shattering Download full model