Don’t need to know a lot of video games to realize that a large part of the success of Fortnite two years ago was thanks to the content creatorsand they also took advantage of the pull of the gamers to make a name for himself with tutorials and games legendary. Tell that to Lolito or TheGrefg, by putting two national examples.

However, the problems of the battle royale of Epic have been moving away from the lists of favorites among the gamersand that is that the competition has been getting increasingly strong. Without going more far, the creators of Call of Duty have put all that know how to do well, we have cast a few drops of inspiration for Fortnite, and have been launched on the field of battle with Warzone. And youtubers are once again taking a pivotal role in its success.

Appeared last march, its launch was not the bombshell that many were expecting. Perhaps the fear of the coronavirus or the good time was going through then Minecraft hit the debut of Call of Duty in this genre. Although it started a bit weak in visualizations, gradually began to sink in among the creators of content, and TheGrefg, an expert in that shooting, was once again very good aim to get a video on how to improve the Warzone. After it has been followed by many more.

If we talk about experts, can not miss in the list AlphaSniper97. The brother of Martha Díaz it is a machine in Call of Duty, as demonstrated by the game that he recorded where he got 64 low. A bestiality that has been confirmed as one of the best youtubers in that shot; a title that continues to be updated daily giving the latest news of the game.

Warzone has also gotten youtubers more “small” take place in the national trends of video games. We put small in quotation marks because in the case of Soki, have more than a million people pending what he does in the game, Activision is not mucus from turkey.

Even the “royalty” of content creators has not been able to avoid to get hooked on Warzone, and the most faithful are up in that of followers is Willyrex. There is No week in which you do not turn up for at least a couple of videos on Call of Duty, and even in some occasion it has side ‘gruff’ with Cristiurbi, his girlfriend and future wife. What has united Modern Warfare, which do not separate fights, marital.

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