The qualifying League of Legends they tend to be extremely curious, not only because of the stress that one can have for different reasons, but because many people “enjoy” arruinándole the time of the game to other people, helping the enemy team with deaths intentional. It is as well that there has been a course new world record for most deaths in a game, and interestingly it was a Nunu in a qualifier and flexible despite dying so many times, he ended up winning.

lolnunu - LoL: The world record for kills in a match is 700, with Nunu...and ended up winning

Obviously there are no ways to know exactly if it is that this is a world record because that is something that Riot Games not analyzes with depth -and it is very likely that you never do it-. If you see the game by clicking hereyou will notice that the had a duration of around two and a half hours, with a Veigar and Ahri totally feedeados. Considering how well they scale Veigar with time, it is no surprise that Nunu end up winning the game, adding that he did not do no murder, nor assistance, so your counter of gold fell to levels dramatic, ending, for sure, by delivering less gold than a minion.

Users in Reddit we are debating on why Riot Games does not penalize this type of made of a most dramatic fashion, however, if we want to visit the profile of player we will realize that the page LeagueOfGraphs can’t find one, so it is very likely you have received some kind of ban, either for 14 days or forever.