Riot Games presents detailed information about the world championship of League of Legends 2020. The tournament is held in full in Shanghai.

The world of League of Legends (LoL) warm up. Will be held in Shanghai to ensure the safety of all participating in the event. The championship is more important than this game will begin on 25 September and will end with the final on October 31.

Fans of eSports have already started the countdown to the big meeting. The final is scheduled for October 31 in the new Pudong district Soccer Stadium.

Nikolo-Laurent, CEO of Riot Games and John Needham, Director of Global esports at Riot Games were the organizers to uncover new details about Worlds 2020. The event, which had to overcome, because of the global pandemic in COVID-19, that all phases will take place in one city: Shanghai.

“This will allow us to ensure the safety of all participants,” says Nikolo-Laurent, CEO of Riot Games. The decrease of tourists and Riot Games offers the possibility to precisely control the conditions in which the matches will be held.

In any case, the organizers were in contact with healthcare institutions and local and national authorities. Closely watching the developments on coronavirus. And it’s clear that his priority is the safety of players, fans and all those involved in the Worlds of 2020.

Opening Worlds 2020

The final will be the first party of the new stadium Pudong Soccer Stadium. Be the sports future home Shanghai SIPG, Instagram in China. The Park will also host the Asian Cup in 2023.

Currently awaiting to find out if local authorities allowed companies. If so, Riot, reports records and security protocols.

Experience digital

Now, the early stages of the tournament will not be hearing live. Riot Games to focus on the digital experience of the viewer. For this innovation promises to get fans to the vibration of the emotions of the house.

Future headquarters

Because of the changes that have been undertaken in the development of the Worlds 2020, Riot Games has decided to leave its headquarters in China by 2021. It is expected that then can guarantee, competitions, excursions to different cities and communication with the public. In North America will have to wait until 2022.

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