To ensure health for all, all the stages of the world Cup will be held in Shanghai

We talked a lot on this topic. Because COVID-19 lot of activities like sports, so no, went cancelándose in these last fateful months. The world League of Legends 2020 as the headquarters in China and, as I understand it, there were questions on its implementation, was in the air.

We are finally an official response. Nikolo-Laurent, CEO of Riot Games and John Needham, Director of Global esports, the company has announced that the biggest event in eSports will remain in place. Pass from 25 September to 31 October in the Chinese city of Shanghai to ensure the health of all participants.

This measure is intended to significantly reduce travel between the cities and to control carefully the environment. In addition, health authorities, local and national, will work together with Riot Games, to thereby increase the safety of all.

We can say that now you do not know what event may have an audience. Now the first competition will be held without spectators for what the developer will focus on the digital experience and will continue to innovate, so everyone can jump emotions at the end Shanghai Soccer Stadium this is the first tournament, which will open the doors of the stadium. This decision can still be changed so that if the local authorities allow the entry of people, in the end, Riot announced in advance, and specify all necessary information for ticketing and the protocols of health, relevant.

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