The winner of the past editions of Fortnite Championship Series in Asia has been accused of cheating to what Epic Games has made a statement of immediate suspension and removing her award and monetary prize for winning the tournament.

The world of eSports has been marred by another controversial case that has directly affected Fortnite. The popular battle royale of Epic Games has suffered another alleged case of cheating in one of their most important tournaments in the calendar.

The Fortnite Championship Series held in Asia the winner was the japanese player Sekosama, however, within a few hours of having been proclaimed champion, the practitioner was accused of cheating in full tournament while working in a team with other players that they should not collaborate in the game.

In the face of these accusations, Epic Games has acted fast. Sekosama denied that it had produced such practicebut the spectators of the tournament have compiled a series of tests support the original allegation.

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Therefore, Sekosama has been sanctioned by Epic Games with a suspension of 14 days and, of course, has been removed from his record this edition of the Fortnite Championship Series, as well as the $ 15,000 that served as prize for the winner.

Instead, the player called qjag has been made with the victoria having been just seven points behind the alleged cheating. The practice of “team work” is one of the biggest problems at a competitive level within this type of games battle royale as Fortnite. Another case that spot to e-sports, but that seems to have been resolved in an exemplary manner.

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