OG Fortnite skins: few have and all want. Those who have the OG Ghoul Trooper, Skull Trooper and Renegade Raider can flaunt your experience Fortnite in each lobby when you enter.

However, how is this a good thing for the players? Do the skins exclusive OG are positive for the community Fortnite, or are a way for Epic Games to get cash at the expense of your player base? Today, we are exploring this issue divisive.

This discussion was triggered by the relaunch of the rare mask Recon Expert in the goods store, Fortnite. Has not been in the normal rotation since it was launched for the first time in 2017. Until now, only the players of OG Fortnite had access to this mask.

Remove the element of “OG’s” of this mask out of the equation. Look at it objectively. Is it something special? Is there any reason to buy this mask that is not the symbol of state (now irrelevant) than be a landlord?

Some of you will say “yes, there is”, and to those people I say: of course, cómprenles the skin. However, the reality is that this mask would receive a fraction of the purchases if it is launched for the first time in 2020. The people buy it by the factor of the “OG”, and that is not something good for the player base of Fortnite.

We’ve seen this play several times on Fortnite. The skins of Ghoul and Skull Trooper received similar attention when they were re-released in the Shop. Subjectively, these are the masks more interesting than the Recon Expert, but their purchases were fueled by the status symbol artificial that came with them, anyway.

Epic threw it to the real OGs a bone with the masks of Trooper listed above, giving them variants exclusives that were not available to those who bought the items recently. However, this does not solve the problem. In fact, it creates a new one: sale of accounts.

There will always be a market for the accounts of video games, whether the players are buying up alternate accounts or those with a large number of masks that were lost. However, when you add variants “OG” to the masks, Epic is only fueling this black market economy. You can find an account with all the masks of OG in PlayerAuctions for nearly $ 10,000 USD.

Epic does not allow players to buy and sell accounts, something that any fan of the Tfeu for a long time will know. Tfeu bought an account with masks of OG in the early days of Fortnite. Epic responded by banning your account purchased and your main account, which caused the movement Tfault that many fans know very well.

At the same time, Epic is feeding indirectly this economy to keep certain masks are exclusive for those who played during the first few days. And we haven’t even mentioned the amount of scammers that operate on sites like these.

To be clear, we’re not talking about cosmetics exclusive Battle Pass. These should be unique to each season, I’m not arguing that. The argument is that Epic is feeding the market of sale of accounts and making a profit each time you re-launch an old mask, all at the expense, largely, of young players of Fortnite.

The Renegade Raider is one of the last and true masks of OG that has not returned to the Shop. It would be crazy to think that eventually he would not come back, even if they give the OG a exclusive variant. It will be a rotation incredibly lucrative in the item Shop when Renegade Raider the back.

There’s not much we can do about this practice, and it is not the worst thing that a company of video games has done to earn money. To their credit, Epic has handled the microtransactions extremely well in a Fortnite. However, this practice is calculated, and a little manipulative, and it deserves to be mentioned.

In the end, our message is this: buy the masks that you want to buy, because you like how they look, not because I think that will be rare, or will offer you some type of status symbol artificial. Everything can disappear in an instant, as you know now the owners of OG Recon Expert.