With the Season 3, Fortnite is only a week away, the fans are theorizing about what will happen when Midas select the Device from the Final Judgment. The rumor is more widespread is that the Agency is being destroyed, and the water exceeds the map, but there are many gaps that need to be filled.

Last night, June 9, Epic brought the Agent of Chaos back to the Store of Objects. It has been a regular guest on this page since it was launched in Chapter 2, Season 1, so there is nothing strange. The strange thing was the tweet that Fortnite used to announce it.

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“He looks good in his suit, but it is not in its final form”, they wrote. The Chaos Agent has two styles, but the two lead suit. What do you mean with “final form”?

The plot of Season 1 of Chapter 2 was vague, but the loading screens indicating that the Agent of Chaos was moving the threads of all of our characters Pass battle. It seemed to be behind the faction ALTER, even used their picture as a banner.

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Now, in season 2, ALTER seems to have changed to Shadow, using the logo of the Chaos Agent, again. We assume that Midas is the leader of Ghost, but we don’t know who is the leader of Shadow. It is far from exaggerate to think that Chaos Agent is directing the organization.

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This tweet from Epic pushed the fans to theorize that Chaos Agent will make its theatrical debut during the Device Event. It may even be the person who sabotages the efforts of Midas after you get systematically control of the island. As a minimum, the tweet suggests that it should be receiving a third event back to the device.

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Epic has a history of turning our assumptions on their heads. Almost all thought that The Visitor was a bad guy until the Season X when we hear his voice. The same might be true for Chaos Agent. Looks like a bad guy, of course, but might be working to avoid that Midas damaging irreversibly the world, Fortnite.

Are we reading too far into this? Probably, but we, like you, we are waiting for the Device Event and the Season 3. For now, all we can do is theorize.

The tweet back to the Agent of the Chaos of Fortnite generates theories about the Event from the device, which appeared for the first time in Fortnite INTEL.

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