You know what they say: the sequel is never as good as the original. Those who have been following the professional scene of Fortnite will remember the last competition of FNCS, where Tfeu and Scoped fought against Chap and Av for the control of one of the POI’s most powerful map: The Grotto.

This was a true rivalry, with Chap and Av taking a few weeks and Tfeu and Scoped taking other. Epic knew what the viewers wanted to see when it came time for the Finals, putting them in the same heat between them.

This rivalry ended with Chap and Av stepping back, giving The Grotto to Tfeu and Scoped. There was a considerable amount of talks garbage, emotions, and salt, but it was fun for all at the end of the day.

Now, the professional community is, to a great extent, by looking beyond FNCS Alone to the announcement of the Trio in season 4. The professionals are struggling in this mode all the nights, and you will probably be able to guess where they are) Tfeu, Scoped and his new team mate, the Innocent, Are landing.

The Grotto is widely known for containing some of the best loot in the map. Not only you’re going with the machine gun Brutus, possibly the weapon mythical more powerful in Fortnite, but that you have a vault bulk, a ton of chests of identification, sniper, heavy, miniguns and more.

Some of the other professionals in the community launched shots indirect to The Grotto Squad. Specifically, Zayt published a tweet that appeared to be directed to the Tfeu and company. Tfeu responded subtitulándolo again on Twitter: “Contestéanos or lets fuck”.

To their credit, the team ZexRow, Mackwood and Yung Calc took on the challenge of Tfeu. The Trio was not familiar with landing in The Grotto in a competitive environment, something that will become clear when you see the clips of his first battle.

As ZexRow stated on Twitter, the team “was proving the most trapping”. Wanted to see if they had what is necessary to compete with Tfeu, Inno and Scoped. As a result, they did not.

(0:22 to viewers mobile)

The new battle seemed to be doing that Tfeu would fire unless the old rivalry with Chap. Even offered a extremely met backhand Chap, saying: “Chap could be screwed in” dogs *** but Grotto is all iq, all is knowledge. And it is smart, so that you can competirnos reasonably “.

Up to this point, you may have thought we were being hyperbolic with the title of this article. “Dismantle” it may seem a little hard, but there is no other word for it. The team that competed was so defeated that Mackwood and ZexRow dropped to Yun Calc after this combat professional.

This does not seem to be a joke. Calc also posted that you need a new trio. The three seem to be finished, at least for the moment.

We’ll have to see if any other professional you choose to dispute Tfeu, Scoped and Innocents. It is a great content when you do, so we keep our fingers crossed. Let’s hope that the next contenders are ready to fight back.

Tfeu and Scoped have been landing in The Grotto throughout the season. You will need some grinders who are willing to get acquainted with the area. The only hope, to our eyes, seems to be the return of Chap or MrSavage on LAN, none of which appears likely for the rest of season 2.

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