The Super league Orange of ‘LoL’ makes 28% of its audience in 2020

The Super league Orange League of Legends (LoLsignature the best premiere of his history. The national competition has accumulated 1.7 million unique viewers, representing an increase of 27.9 percent compared with the same period of the previous edition. The organization attributes this growth to several factors, such as the rebranding of the competition.

During the first round of the Split spring each program has gathered 191.277 unique viewers of mediawhile in the previous edition, the average reached 149.541 people. The most seen was the one that faced Vodafone Giants against MAD Lions Madrid, with a peak of 26.465 fans, higher than that of the opening day of the previous year.

This year, the LVP has introduced different innovations in their tournaments. In addition the rebranding of the three Superligas, has been experimented with JoinCam that have allowed constant connections with the special envoys of the League of video Game Professional (LVP) to the various gaming houses.