The past 3 April, it is already something more than a month and a half, Vodafone Giants was proclaimed champion of the Super league Orange before Movistar Riders (3-2) and picked up their 6th national championship of League of Legends.

During this time we have had competition to entertain our competitive spirit, as the end of LCK, LPL, and a multitude of international tournaments, as well as the best amateur LoL in Spain.

But for those who yearned for that Super Orange was back, the wait has already ended (though not all). June 15 is the date chosen by the LVP to the back of the highest national competition of League of Legends.

The 1st round of the SLO will last until the 13th of July, at which time will begin the 2nd round of the competition. In fact, we have put the most important events in the calendar:

  • Beginning of the league: 15 June
  • Second round: July 13,
  • Quarter finals: 11 and 12 August
  • Semi-finals: 31 and 1 September
  • Grand final: September 4,

The program 0 will be the 11 of June

The LVP has confirmed that the competitive season and will return June 11th with the program 0, a space where you will be given all the news of the competition and will analyse the situation of the league during this pandemic.

In addition, they indicate that all the contents shall be performed in a online, that is to say, both parties, as the relays and all the necessary interviews, as well as the half day and the presentations of new players.

Yes, you have not indicated if there will be a final face-to-face, obviously, for the situation in which we live, but we hope to have news soon and, hopefully, we can live them face-to-face along to all fans of League of Legends.

If you want to read the official press release of the LVP, click here and you know on what dates will superweek announced and all the news from the Super league orange.

Teams for the Super league of Orange 2020 (summer)

  • Vodafone Giants
  • MAD Lions Madrid
  • Movistar Riders
  • UCAM Esports Club
  • Team Cheese
  • G2 Arctic
  • x6tgence
  • BCN Squad
  • S2V Esports
  • eMonkeyz