Tarzaned sang the forty to IWDominate.

The streamer, known for his skill in the solo queue in North America, ensures that made boosting (leveling up an account that doesn’t belong to you in exchange of money) for IWD to reach the rank of Challenger in League of Legends.

“You call yourself a player Challenger, and even got to Challenger on your own,” he said Tarzaned in your stream last night. “In fact, I had to play on your account for two years in a row to get the Challenger”.

Tarzaned said he did the boosting on two of the accounts of IWD until you reach the upper range in the course of the seasons seven and eight.

“I don’t know how you can have an ego so huge, I am very kind to you,” he said. “I withheld this information for three years. It is very disrespectful. You really need to deflate your ego,” he added.

In your stream, Tarzaned stated that IWD will be paid more than $ 10,000 for the service. Tarzaned tweeted a screenshot of IWD which supposedly sent him 4.179,61 $ by PayPal between August of 2018 and September 2019. “The payments of ~ 300 are to level the accounts (he was looking for people who did it for him)”, said Tarzaned. “2,400 were for carrying NAMonkey813 in Season 7 to Challenger D1”.

The fight came to light for the first time after a verbal confrontation between the two streamers.

“I wasn’t kidding,” said IWD this week. “I just continued shitting. So, to fuck with him. Literally, to fuck with him forever. In reality it is only a human carcinogen. Playing with him is a cancer… and cancer deal with it in general,” he exclaimed.

IWD is more known for its streams of large audience on Twitch. He began his career as a professional player of LoL in 2011, joining compLexity Gaming, before signing with Team Curse, which then turned into Team Liquid. IWD is withdrawn in 2016 to devote to streaming. Since then, he made numerous podcast LoL and keeps a considerable number of followers on YouTube.

Update: IWillDominate refuted in vivo the accusations of Tarzaned this morning on his stream. Says he did boosting in one of the accounts Tarzaned, and showed several screen captures of Discord as evidence. IWD admitted that Tarzaned played on his account, but he said that he did so to prevent that decline. Denied he paid to Tarzaned more than $ 10,000, but he said that he bought accounts without classifying the streamer.

This article was originally published in English by Jerome Heath the may 21, 2020.