Fortnite Battle Royale (which is currently in the Season 2 your Pass Battle Chapter 2) have several hundreds of skins since its launch in September 2017. In this list we will collect the costumes/characters more rare, exclusiveand difficult to get. We begin:

5: Soldier Skull/Skull Trooper

fortnite battle royale skins rare exclusive hard to come by

Skin Soldier Skull/Skull Trooper

We begin this list with the skin Soldier Skullor Skull Trooper in English. This skin epic (1500 turkeys in the shop) is a variant of the character Jonesy, and is this list because takes without returning to the shop daily from 1 November 2018. Despite being a skin for Halloween and not having failed to make the appointment during these dates, the years 2017 and 2018 in 2019 not appeared. If you see him, you know that now it is one of the least common of the game by the time it takes without going back to the store. We also stress that this skin was awarded two additional styles with the passage of time. Its rarity is such that, by using our tools datamining, it is impossible to generate an image for him as the rest of skins of this list because I don’t have the files of the store within the game.

4: Expert in Reconnaissance/Recon Expert

fortnite battle royale skins rare exclusive hard to come by

Skin Expert Recognition/Recon Expert

We continue with the skin Expert in Recognitionor Recon Expert in English. Despite the fact that it is a skin rarity rare (a value of 1200 turkeys in the store), we include it in this list because it’s only been available for sale during three different days in 2017until returned the 28 of may of 2020 with a extra style new. It is not common that a suit is so much time without appear in the store (nearly three years), so many players were glad to return it, since they were able to acquire this skin.

3: Galaxy/Galaxy

fortnite battle royale skins rare exclusive hard to come by

Skin Galaxy/Galaxy

The skin Galaxyor Galaxy in English is another of the more rare of Fortnite Battle Royale for a reason very simple: it was exclusive to those who purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or a Samsung Note 9 and play a game to the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite in these devices. Were devices very expensive (1000$ and 649$ respectively), and this costume was replaced shortly after by the skin Radiance/Glow as the aspect of Fortnite is exclusive to Samsung devices. It is a skin of rarity epic.

2: Black Knight/Black Knight

fortnite battle royale skins rare exclusive hard to come by

Skin Black Knight/Black Knight

The skin Black Knightor Black Knight in English it is one of the most difficult to see in the game for one simple reason: it was the skin that we got for getting to the maximum level of the first Pass of Battle of the game, which was the Season 2. It is impossible to get currently. If you see someone with it equipped, it is a symbol of senioritybecause that means that that person has been playing Fortnite Battle Royale from 2017 or early 2018. It is a skin of rarity legendary.

1: Assailant Denied/Renegade Raider

fortnite battle royale skins rare exclusive hard to come by

Skin Assailant Denied/Renegade Raider

The skin Assailant Deniedor Renegade Raider English is one of the costumes more rare and exclusive Fortnite Battle Royale. This is an outfit from Season 1 of the game, when there were no seasons as such, nor was the Pass Battle. To be able to get it, first we had to get to level 20, and then we could buy it from the store of the Season 1 for 1200 turkeys. It is a skin rarity rare.

Sources: FortniteSkins, own elaboration