For more than an hour that the servers Fortnitethe popular battle royale developed by Epic Games, are experiencing different errors and presenting complications to a large number of users all over the world. While the makers of the title are trying to fix these problems, it is believed that the main reason is the large number of people in quarantine around the world because of the COVID-19 and use of video games to pass the time.

“We are currently investigating problems with the entry, assembly of items, store items and other services Fortnite. We will share an update when they are resolved”, twiteó the official account Fortnite Status, which keeps track of the status of the servers to the users. An hour later, a second tweet confirmed that they are still working to find a solution to these drawbacks.

Earlier, store digital Nintendo also was fall for a while this morningalthough we do not know the reasons behind your malfunction. Soon, however, aired a new edition of the Indie World, where it is anticipated by the arrival of large numbers of separate titles to Nintendo Switch, including the release of Exit the Gungeon today in the eShop of Nintendo. For now, everything is back to normal, but expect a huge amount of active users this Friday with the expected release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In addition to the large amount of players with a lot of free time around the world, today launched the patch 12.20 Fortnitethat he incorporated many new features to the battle royale that has more and more competition in the genre and should stay fresh week to week. With this type of premieres, usually register a number of users greater than usual, which could explain the saturation of the servers and the problems that some users are experiencing.

Among the most relevant of the update is the introduction of a new air vehicle, something was coming given the inclusion of several heliports throughout the map. This is the helicopter Choppa, which will appear at the beginning of each round in seven different points of the map. Despite the fact that no weapons itself, this transport allows you to carry four armed people, not counting the presence of the pilot. This opens the door to form a team of high-impact and very dangerous that it can move on the map.

Another important innovation is due to changes of the maps. In the Platform it can be seen that there was an accident, which caused that there is traces of crude oil in the sea. For their part, the Football Field of Park Pleasant is eliminated. He left his place to a heliport access secret which contains a brand new Choppa.

The update also introduces skins, spikes, backpacks, starter packs and songs, which can be achieved through the pass of battle and the in-game store, as you have used Epic Games to their players. In turn, will be the games of spies, a novelty within the game.

These invite users to get information that enables you to discover different types of technology that may be used in the game. Among these stands out the career peak, that let them run faster or the possibility of a speed reload weapons much faster. In addition, this will be as always different challenges will make entertaining the new experience.

As in every patch, this has as objective to improve the gameplay and fix various bugs that were puntualizados by the community. All of these can be found through the trello official game, which is free to access for registered users.