After a very good Opening tournament that ended with the consecration of Nocturns Gaming about 9z in the definition, the League Master Flow of League of Legends will return on Thursday 4 June with the start of the Decommissioning.

Despite having reached the final, 9z decided to make changes in your roster and in your team: there was a recognized coach Jose Manuel “Beto” Contreras, along with a new botlane composed by veteran Fix, of great step-by-KLG, and the talented Sonyky.

On the other hand, Undead Gaming joined Kindless, who retired from Pixer in ALL personal problems and comes back with all his experience.

In the meantime, the Furious Gaming introduced as the new coach at Tomex, a lot of competitive experience and also as a coach. In addition, Malvinas Gaming surprised with the addition of Filopo.

“For this Split will allow foreign players to form part of the equipment, without reside in the country while the borders are closed,” said the League in a press release, due to the pandemic by COVID-19.