The luminosity is one of the most important names in e-sports, but seem to have remained in the background in the department of Fortnite during the past year more or less. The old list of LG consisted of names such as Ninja, SypherPK and Kreo, all of which have been moved out of the organization.

Of course, Luminosity made people like Hogman, Kiwiz and Khuna to sign up on your list, but it seems such a time since the organization caused a sensation with a large firm of Fortnite. At the same time, we have seen organizations such as BBG, FaZe and NRG signed by the most important names of the game for their teams.

This trend began to change with the signing of the australian YouTuber, MrFreshAsian, but it was just the first domino to fall. On July 22, the Luminosity launched its massive wave of signatures, starting with the announcement that added to his companion creator australian, Muselk, to your list.

Muselk can be one of the greatest creators of Fortnite on the Internet, but it was just the first of many signings that Luminosity would announce the 22 of July. Later, Luminosity announced the signings of Keys, Slackes, Sommerset, Eclipsae and Jamper .

All these signings show to the fans of LG that the organisation is far from complacent when it comes to Fortnite. In one day, signed two content creators, and a team full of competitive players.

Several months ago, it seemed that organizations were making short work of Fortnite due to the lack of official tournaments. Well, things have certainly changed since then. Bucke, Kreo, Clix, Slackes, Keys, Jamper, Eclipsae, Calc and Beam have been signed in the last month, to name just a few.

The electronic sports of Fortnite may not be the game more competitive on the planet. It is far from a game like CS: GO when it comes to a playing field even and a mechanical competitive. That said, it is incredibly entertaining to view and the interest of the organizations shows that there is a bright future for the sport. To borrow the words of Jordan Belfort, Fortnite is not going to go.

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