The coaches Guilhoto and F3arless, in quality of universities in Portugal for the charity match of Spain vs. Portugal, which will take place on the 8th day of April in the evening if the thing does not change, have stated that their players will be the following, represetándolos to them and to the whole of the republic of Portugal:

In the position of Top: Truklax, I saw him a season in Spain with Penguins and Origin of NCBS, and currently is competing on For The Win. Aziado, partner of adventures of Baca and Future in the team UCAM Esports, fed-up veteran and expert in pentakills with Vladimir.

In the position of Jungle: Lechase, another legend of the jungle Portuguese, or possibly the only jungle Portuguese. Own3rtcam, which has hair that is spectacular. No, No, really. I leave the link because it’s wonderful.

In the position of Mid: Mexico, wanderers of League of Legends, veteran, rich Cassiopeia of a mandatory ban, terror to his opponents and slightly coinflip. Baca, a young player that continues to grow and that will almost Spanish. Xaky, now forms part of For The Win.

In the position of ADC: Attila, who is an expert player of Aphelios but this year he started in the team Vodafone Giants because a Polish is the played quite. You’ve come to Malaga to farmearse the European Masters. You have fear of Warehouse Carts Kami. Worst, is worse than Attila and part of the team Electronik Generation. Have a wasp logo.

In the position of support: Rhuckz, the part of the botlane of Movistar Riders to be understood when he speaks in Spanish and that it has brought the car wildly to his team from the position of Shotcalling. Calmsky, his name is Diogo Sousa and part of the team SAMCLAN. Plasma, support of the team UCAM Esports and has been worn quite a bit.

And then, AFM and Joaos92 make your own in the 1v1 and 2v2 competition.

You can see the team of Spain in this link.