The thresholds of XP in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, are the object of strong criticism by part of the community. Those who want to receive all variations of gold for the Season 2 should reach level 350, which is almost impossible without overcoming all the challenges, including the tedious challenges of the Domination of location. Even then, it’s a stretch.

Yesterday, we covered the history of the TALOCAN; a player who managed to reach the level 520 in Fortnite. According to reports, plays Team Rumble, opens chests, leave and repeat, exactly how should play Fortnite.

While this is an interesting story, highlights the problem with XP in Fortnite. The majority of the people want to play without focusing on household chores. At the same time, the owners of Battle Pass feel that they should have a reasonable opportunity to win all the rewards without paying extra money.

When you combine this feeling with the lack of challenges of extra time, the players feel a little frustrated with the current state of cosmetics Fortnite Season 2.

Epic promised us less trouble this season, what turned out to be false. Of course, it is not so difficult to reach level 100 as in past seasons, but it is much more difficult to unlock all the cosmetics.

This is the reason why some players are angry to know that Epic would be selling improvements of XP in the Shop towards the end of the season. Have already done this before in the form of levels of Pass of battle, but this time it feels more dirty.

In past seasons, reaching the level 100 was always reasonable. Buy the last levels it was not felt so badly when he had a chance to legitimately unlock all the cosmetics without having to open your wallet. Or you wanted to the cosmetics as soon as possible or you were loosening the challenges.

Now, however, when the players Fortnite more dedicated to not have reached the level of 350, the sale of enhancers of XP it feels a bit manipulative. Set a goal that is nearly impossible to attain for the majority of the people, and then, according to reports, they plan to sell additional support to help you reach that goal. Love or hate the passes of the battle of Fortnite, have never included something like this.

For that reason, some players of Fortnite are calling for a boycott of Item Shop XP in Season 2. “I think it’s important that we speak with our wallets and tell Epic ‘Hey, this is not right'”, he wrote u / C_G15 in the subreddit r / FortniteBR. “We should not need to spend more money in the Pass of battle of what you already have to unlock everything. Let’s not make impossible the skins enlightening as the norm “.

At the time of writing, this publication has more than 2,200 votes. A commentator, u / RebbitFrog, expanded the argument in the comments. “At the risk of having Jim Sterling here, it would be a company to sell a way to bypass the routine, when they have total control over the amount of routine that is needed. Sell the solution to a problem they created.

“And, yes, buy XP / levels / increases encourages them to continue to do so in the future. Therefore, even if you believe that you are well, that you have the disposable income at this time, you still should not do this. Because the next time will push a little more, then a little more and when you get to a point in which you do not want to spend more, it will be too late.”

These players are taking a stand against something they see as the first step in a bad direction. Epic made it difficult to reach the variant 8-Ball last season, but it was a manageable task with the duration of that season. This time, the players are standing.

It’s a fair point that these players are doing, especially when you consider the fact that most of them already have a great number of masks in their lockers. It is not necessary to spend extra money on a mask that probably will have little use once you get the 3 season.