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The player of LoL with master 5 in all the champions


A while ago, in League of Legends has implemented a system of mastery with which all the summoners could focus your time and effort in to upload stats to your champions favorites.

Although it is something purely visual and has no impact on the game, have mastery of 5 or higher with your favorite character helps us motivemos more with this, or simply because we like to have it.

The case of Ralyk is different. This player, that competes in north America, has gone up to Challenger, which is already complicated, but in addition has achieved the master’s degree 5 with all the champions of the game.

Master 5 with all the champions in 2 years

According to the player himself on Reddit, it took a little over 2 seasons to get this achievement, and it has had that help normal to complete.

“It took Me 2 years since I started to pursue this goal, and I realized that I could do this when my friends invited me and I played with a champion’s different every time,” he says.

On this website, call championmasterywe can see the points that you have with each champion and found that yes, it has all, as a minimum, master 5.

Mastery in LoL

The last character who has risen to mastery 5 has been Aphelios, and argues that it does not play all the champions in ranked. In fact, it is a Challenger, another of his great achievements.

Ralyk accumulates also over 5 million points of masteryin addition to master and complete a total of 19 champions, still Fizz your main character.

In addition, it has answered some questions, claiming that the champion more it has cost to get your master’s degree 5 is Yuumithat with the best what has happened is with Qiyana and recommended the half way line to get this achievement.