The peruvian Sebastián ‘Oddie’ Boy, jungle champion Isurus, will withdraw from League of Legends after the conclusion of the Decommissioning 2020, due to not enjoy the play.

“Take the decision because I do not feel the game as before, it is not that I hate him or I like it or not, but since I don’t live that emotion of previous years, and I don’t want to force me to play”, explained to Efe.

Oddie is one of the best players in the peruvians of the present day. With Isurus won the bi-championship of the League of Latin america (ALL) last year and attended the World.

In the current tournament Opening 2020 of ALL, Child is the jungle more times was selected to the team of the week, with two, the same as his compatriot Diego ‘SolidSnake’ Vallejo.

“After so many years of the same routine, I got tired. I want to live my life as a normal person, to share time with my friends and my family. I need this to stop”, added the player of 22 years.

Oddie plans to resume his career in dentistry, and perhaps support at the scene of League of Legends from your country, giving hints to the players to improve their skills.

“It has nothing to do with the money. I can live with the money that I earn from this, but now what I want is my comfort, not just money,” said the peruvian.

Oddie is part of the competitive League of Legends since the end of 2013, and joined one of the teams with the most iconic of the region, the now-defunct Lyon Gaming, today Rainbow7.

“Before I could play all day and I could not get enough, someone I had to pause to stop to play and me to go to sleep. Now I get tired with a couple of games and there are also moments in which I don’t want to play,” said the south american.

The current team of Oddie, Isurus, was one of the five teams ALL won their pass to the next phase of the competition and was the one who better shut the first stage, with a streak of four victories.

However, the performance of the champion during weeks 2, 4 and 5 in which they managed to defeat generated doubts in the face to defend his title.

“What we changed was communication, something important in games crucial, as a second, or a decision that you do not take well, you can change all the game, is that we’ve had more problems,” concluded the junglero.