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In these days of being home due to the contingency generated by the Covid-19 at the global level; the applications of video calls and messaging, have been the salvation to be united with family and friends. And here’s a more, it is Houseparty for videollamar and in addition play with your contacts.

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Houseparty app is a social networking created by Epic Gamesthe same responsible for Fortnite; the game of Battle Royale more popular in recent times. Which was created for the more fans to connect with their best friends at a distance and play at the same time one or several items.

Houseparty video

However, Houseparty from being a tool for the more experienced gamers, has become one more social network; with the opportunity to talk and play at the same time. Here is how I defined Alejandro Hernández, publishing lead at Epic Games Latin america:

“It’s like what her name says in English. I do a party at my house, I invite you and the best you come with friends and are welcome, and I can’t decide if in the future I want to keep seeing your friends, or if you no longer want to receive in my house”

Houseparty video

How does Houseparty?

As its name says, Houseparty it is not the typical app for video calls for work or school as they have been Zoom and Messenger Rooms; rather, it was created to spend a fun time with friends, family or even strangers.

Houseparty video
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Whether you invite your friends or they will invite you to a video call with a maximum of 8 people, where there are a variety of games to interact and talk. Or, you can colarte rooms available for people from different places, in order to make new friends and have fun.

Houseparty video

Among the games that are available that has Houseparty are Heads Up!, Trivias, Chips and Guac, Quick Draw!, Word Race, Pictionary and Who. Best of all is that Houseparty it is an app that you can use from your computer or smartphone; taking advantage of that with your Plan Telcel you have the Double Gigas and the best connectivity #LaRedDeTusEmociones.

Where to download Houseparty?

Houseparty of Epic Games it is an app completely free and you can download for iOS or Android, as well as the version of Google Chrome or Mac.

Houseparty video

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So, if you were looking for a new option to be in contact with your friends and also have fun with them, maybe Houseparty to be the solution. If you try it, don’t hesitate to comment what you thought of it.

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