At the beginning of may, Reddit announced the creation of two types of tokens based on Ethereum (ETH). One of them, designed specifically for the players of Fortnitelaunched just a week and already exceeded 10 thousand users.

The platform Reddit launched their tokens by way of pilot testing to experience a new system of rewards based on criptomonedas. The token not extracted from any sidebut are granted to users by way of prize in function of your activity in the community. To be a limited amount, once the system is distributed to all, will depend on the users of Reddit create value through the exchange of purchase-sale.

One of the tokens (Moons) was designed for the ecosystem crypto in general. However, the one who has shown more popularity in the last few days has been Bricksa token thought for the video game online multiplayer Fortnite.

The rapid adoption of video game users can respond to an increasing trend towards the criptoactivosin the wake of the digital representations of dollarsthat makes the tokens are not seen as something so out of the ordinary. Within Fortnitethe accounts stored a digital value called V-Buckswith the that can make shopping in the video game.

The ecosystem crypto found in this type of platforms an important point of access. The new generations, familiar with the cutting-edge technologies and the payment systems digital and non-contactare the main targeted for the market crypto to expand your knowledge and its adoption.

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