LVP has announced the return of the national competitions of League of Legends in Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Per, Mexico and Colombia that volvern with its new season during the first fortnight of the month of June.

The first that they may in place be the League Honor Entel of Chile that the next June 1, to celebrate its opening day that the kick off to a competition in which enfrentarn the 10 best teams of the pas in chile.

On June 3, the Volcano Discover League of Ecuador har’s own following with its characteristic system of tournaments qualifying rounds to reach the final phase. The day following, the 4th of June, to return the League Master Flow of Argentina and also har the Clear Guardians League of Per.

In terms of the Division of Honor Telcel of Mexico your return date to be the 10 of June, while the Golden League of Colombia back on the 15th of June.

LVP and MEDIAPRO maintain their commitment to the development of the scene of eSports in Latinoamrica. Does ms two years that we work in the region with local partners, with publishers like Riot Games and with the teams, and at this time the audiences have not stopped growing. The season of Closure 2020 is special because it starts up in the time of the coronavirus, but we are convinced that the public continue to respond to and from LVP we will put all our effort in to keep doing the best national leagues“, explains Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP.

The SLO in Spain and also come back the 15 of June

Interestingly enough, the Golden League of Colombia go back to the old ways exactly the same in that we will see the return of the Super league Orange League of Legends, the competition in the MOBA more important in Spain that to celebrate its opening day on that same day, the 15th of June.