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The loot impossible in League of Legends, two years without opening a box


Patience is the mother of the sciences in the case of Yoohyéon, an intrepid adventurer able to play for a full two years to League of Legends without opening a single chest hextech, only accumulating materials with the sole purpose of giving yourself a great pleasure on the 24th of December, treat yourself a content impossible.

Every human is free to decide how many hours you dedicate to the LoL, the days that you shower a week or if you eat breakfast cereal, toast or lentils, but with the chests hextech and the rewards are not play. Not everyone will agree, but there are some that have a capacity of control so high as to withstand 24 months without touching the rewards and it hurts, and it attracts equal parts.

Above the level 204 and with more than 150 rewards complete, Yoohyéon has become one of those viral common in the video game by Riot Games and does not precisely marked the pentakill of the decade. Yes, if already yes it is exciting to open a single chest, imagine how it would be to open more than 100.

Not so long ago Riot Games officially stepped down from the percentages and options to get certain gifts within the chests due to the belgian law, are these:

  • 50% of options to get a look of a champion
  • 25% chance of obtaining a fragment of a champion
  • 10% of get a smiley permanent
  • 3.6% of get additional gems
  • 10% to get another chest with a key

But make no mistake, the problem is not that Yoohyéon have been allowed the luxury of being able to do this, but many others take it as a reference and are already beginning to create a religion around it to repeat the same strategy for the coming year, if this can be called strategy, and not torture.

The pleasure of opening many boxes at once is impossible to imagine, but what nobody thinks about all that you have to play now to take advantage of each and every one of the skins that you have touched it suddenly? Does anyone think of the children? Santa Claus, did not thought about this?