After several measures of containment of the virus, the LEC is suspended indefinitely. First they changed the end of Budapest to the studies of Berlin, and after it was confirmed that the conference is played without the public or press.

Now, after suspicions that a member of the staff LEC is infected by the coronavirusthe european competition ceases its activity until further notice, canceling immediately split spring.

Official press release of the suspension

This decision has been taken to prevent any type of danger. In fact, today we had to play the day number 8but this will be postponed until you know more information about it.

The LEC follows the steps of the LPL

The LPL, maximum competition from China League of Legends, already was cancelled because of the Covid-19, although, currently, has become to be played with normally.Now it is the turn of the LEC, the european league of League of Legends, that after you cancel their end in Budapest and force to play without public, is now canceled indefinitely.

The reactions have been multipleand both teams, as well as commentators, peers, media and even players have lamented the situation.

Yes, all the world is aware of the seriousness of the issue and the danger that can be run players, for this decision is the most cautious and consistent of LEC and Riot Games.

The solution it seems clear: dispute the parties so online from next week. It is not the same, nor much less, but the esports allow this, and players will be able to avoid to remain without dispute the days remaining in the championship.