The League of Quarantine is still active, to the surprise of many, and that is the communication party, and update of results is being a little complicated to follow.

In fact, part of the community has been disconnected from the games because it was not clear, nor the calendar, nor rivals, nor the roster of the equipment, although this has an explanation.

The competition is for fun, that is to say, it was a project created to pass the time during the quarantine, and it really has not been taken seriously as a tournament of truth, but to take ‘pachangas’ in stream.

However, the may 21, were held several meetings of playoffs, giving as a result the first finalist of the League of Quarantine: G2 Squad.

The mix of Ibai won by 3-2 to Team Champiformed by Cardenete, Koldo, Guilhoto, Mushrooms and RiffsRomero. The G2 Squad played with Reven, Ibai, xPeke, BarbeQ, and Future.

No date for the final nor official calendar

Thanks to a Twitter account (@LaLigaDC) we have been able to know that the G2 Squad is already in the grand final of the competition after defeat in playoffs the team of Jacky and Mushrooms in the semi-finals.

Remind you that it is a league made for pure fun, so that we understand that, really, there is no timetable or official page or anything.

However, with a quintet in the final, yes we know who can be his next opponent. In fact, the team of Kami expected opponent in the semi-finals over the next few days to have a hole in the final appointment against Ibai and company.

This does not mean that there has not been controversy for some competitors, that yes they wanted to take it more seriously. And not by winning, but by following a logical order of classification according to the points accumulated in the phase regular:

Despite everything, the competition does not seem to have fitted a lot in the community, although, already completed, and to comply, will be up soon, still no official date.