2019 was a year in which the electronic sports grew at a rate abysmal. The powers took on greater relevance, the brand decided to invest, increased the prizes and wages of the players, began to be appointed in all areas, and the number of fans increased. In all this boom, there are some esports that stood out from the rest, and one whose numbers of audience surprise. According to Esports Charts, the five most seen through transmissions were League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Overwatch and Arena of Values, in that order.

The Arena of Valor is the single cell that is contained in the top and shows how much we are growing this type of games. It is a title of the genre MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) very similar to the League of Legends. There are two teams of five players each, the map is almost identical and the goal is the same: navigate your way through the three lanes to destroy the enemy base. It was seen by more than 72 million hours throughout the 2019, being the Arena of valor World Cup the contest more popular, because its ending was more than 760.000 viewers simultaneously.

In the fourth position is the Overwatch. It is a shooter with a mode of a MOBA that was a sensation in its release, however, did not develop as successfully as expected. During the 2019 returned to disappoint in terms of the number of viewers, however enough to be within the top with more of 81 million hours views. The greater traffic of people took out of the hand of the Overwatch Leaguethe contest franchise that organizes Blizzard. Also benefited from the tournament Contenders and by the World that took place in the Blizzconand that had to the united States as a great champion.

In the last place of the podium is the Dota 2with 282 million hours. The game Valve not had his best year and was far from the first place though The Internationalthe World of the video game, is the competition that more money handed out in the history of esports: 34 million dollars. The tournament accounted for 31% of the total public, and its peak was in the end between OG Esports and Team Liquidwith almost two million viewers simultaneously.

The silver medal is taken by the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with more than 284 million hours views. The shooter gained ground because of the large amount of events of different caliber, which has throughout the season. In the same way, the highest peak occurred in one of the two Majors disputed: in the final of the IEM Katowice between Astralis and ENCEwith more than 1.2 million viewers. The CS is still among the best, but was very far from the top.

The jackpot is for the League of Legends, which reaffirms his title as the sport-mail king. The viewing hours amount to the amazing sum of 478 million. These are divided into all of your league officers, as the LCS of north America, LEC in Europe, the LPL of China and the LCK of Korea, which are the most popular. A large portion of the cake was carried by the World, where we recorded the highest peak. It was during the semi-final between G2 and T1with almost four million viewers in live. It was a record in the history of esports.