After a long wait, the classic Gundam robot built in the port of Yokohama sets in motion, with all its power activated.

The giant piece of engineering took its first steps in public, as well as showing many of its poses in real-time. With audio from the original series in the background, the work of Sunrise and The Gundam Factory is a reality. This is the first time a full-sized Gundam has been built following the official descriptions of the anime, so there were high expectations with this project over previous statues.

The ambition of the Yokohama version was to transcend the concept of the statue and create a moving piece that better represents the mechas of the legendary series. News portals across Asia took it upon themselves to cover the event on video, with considerable attention to detail in this presentation. The event ran smoothly, although the giant robot’s movements were quite slow.

Gundam Factory will open its doors on December 19th. The celebration was originally scheduled for this October, but the event has been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.