Times of compulsory isolation, times to be home. Time, then, to play video games. The data of this “special time” were provided by Telecom (and the service Flow) in a report that “shine” many numbers.

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Some of the games are the most consumed of use in PC and, of course, with connection to the internet. In the video that accompanies this note explains briefly and simply that mountain of data.

Then, more statistics with percentages that makes it look the exponential growth of the gaming.

Data of consumption of video games and Esport in quarantine

Fortnite is the game leader. Free, online and available to all media, has the charm enough to captivate players of all ages.

  • EpicGames (Fortnite) +240%
  • Riot (League of Legends) +108%
  • Roblox +93%
  • Wizards +282%
  • RockStarGame (GTA v) +315%
  • ClashRoyale +173%
  • Valve (Counter Strike) +93%
  • Ubisoft +133%

The experience gamer

The amount of hours of “gameplay” were up, as shown in the chart above. These data give figures to what is obvious.

  • The first week of quarantine grew +100%
  • Total growth +69%
  • More players +20%
  • Deepened their game +40%
  • Average time of game in ASPO of 3 to 5 hours.
  • DISCORD (chat gamer) + 397%
  • MIXER (streaming platform gamer) + 173%
  • Twitch streaming games + 159%
  • Playstation console + 183%

Games most consumed in “cellulose”

Play with the celu also grew. Because mobile phones are becoming better and more suitable for games every time best. Even classic games from PC and consoles, launch their versions for mobile. And have equal success.

The data…

More consumption of GAMES GAMERS by users

  • Call of duty +343%
  • Arena of Value 95%
  • PUBG 90%
  • Fifa 46%

Less consumption of CASUAL GAMES for users

  • Zombie Tsunami -12%
  • Candy Crush – 13%
  • King – 18%
  • Subway Surfers – 24%

The detail of the expansion of the Flow in terms of gaming

During recent years, Flow participated in the growth of Esports in the local scene by adding new professional skills and championships amateurs, transmitting the contents in vivo and by integrating them the platform to view them on demand.

The end of the Closing of the Master League Flow of League of Legends that took place in the stadium Works in 2019, it was a sign of the interest in eSports, convening over 1500 young people who saw the live final and more than 4500 users that continued to stream through Flow. At the end of this year, in the context of quarantine, the final was seen by more than 12 thousand fans from the entertainment platform. Adding up to 18 thousand people who were followed for Flow.

In addition, Flow incorporated new video games, some more specific use-in mobile platform as the Clash Royale or Free Fire, and other video game desktop, as Fortnite or the same as League of Legends and Counter Strike. On the other hand, accompanies, and assists in the implementation of the connectivity of the gaming houses of the professional teams in the local scene.

Also, presented the eSuper League Flow, the league of eSports of the Super TC2000, and accompanied the most important events of Argentina to bring together the gaming community, among other actions and powers. And now, through its partnership with Nocturns Gaming, allows you to add new skills and games to your participation.

Currently Flow is a sponsor of 11 teams of Esports and provides connectivity in their Gaming Houses and also participates as a Naming Sponsor of the team Flow Nocturns Gaming, being the first sponsorship of this kind in the country.

3 Professional Leagues

LEAGUE MASTER FLOW – League of Legends

UNITY LEAGUE FLOW – Counter Strike


4 skills Semi-professional and Amateur





11 sponsoreos to Computers and Gaming houses

Flow Nocturns Gaming, Colosseum Dragons, New Indian GG, Malvinas Gaming, Sinisters, Undead Gaming, Aion Esports, LBS Esports, Rysix Gaming, Atrapa2 Gaming and Feint.

1 Naming Sponsor

Flow Nocturns Gaming

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