With over 3000 participants already live the Cup “The Four Fortnite“. The first date was the 17th of may with 450 gamers on-line, of which 15 have already gone to the grand final of the 14 of June.

Organized by The Four Deva Noa beats the second phase of this encounter. Almost 500 competitors await the arrival of the next Sunday 24 at 20h to play the date of the B group of the biggest tournament gamers of Jujuy in the mode solo.

Each of the dates qualifying rounds of the Cup “The Four Fortnite”, will be broadcast live on the facebook Channel 4 from the 20h, and making you part from your home the excitement of the encounters with the possibility of feeling a gamers online.

Fortnite – Grupo-B.jpg

You prendés in transmissions, the more chances ténes know the tactics and strategies of each one of the competitors.

With the division into six Groups, each one already has its date, and the excitement builds Sunday after Sunday. They are already the first 15 qualified for the grand final of the 14th day of June. This Sunday you can experience a new list that will grow in each one of the meetings.

Fortnite schedule

The revolution gamers in this era of pandemic close next Sunday, June 14, with a final that promises to go down in history. Not only by the number of participants, but also for the quality of prizes to compete for.

The winner of the Cup The Four Fortnite will be two months of 100 megs free of The Four, plus a chair and a tablet for gamer. The 2°and 3° place will receive a kit gamer that includes a keyboard, a headset, a mouse, and a microphone-headband.

Fortnite has become a global phenomenon and Jujuy in the hand of The Four and Deva Noa is not left out.

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