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The north american league of League of Legends (LCS) initially chose to continue the league without a live audience, but the rapidity with which the Covid-19 it has spread by United States have been forced to take more drastic measures.

Friday the 13th of march it was announced that the LCS would be temporarily suspended and probably would return in an online format after analyzing the situation. In addition, it was reported that the end of the season of spring in Dallas, Texas it would be cancelled, and in change by the time you would like to play in the studies of Los Angeles.

The LCS Academy that also was played in the online format of the same form is temporarily suspended.


The numbers of confirmed cases by virus Covid-19 they have been kept up, by this same Riot Games Latin America has decided to cancel the fifth week of the ALL and change the classroom format to an online format.

On the 12th of February, it was announced that the league is played without a live audience and with the necessary staff to carry out the matches for the dates of 14, 15, 21, and 22. In seeking to ensure the integrity of the players and the staff have decided to take these measures.