Little by little, we are getting new information about the buffs to the adc that will come in the next patches. Riot Games has listened to the players of shooters who had made the shout in the sky after the changes to the experience of the single lanes.

However, time changes not go by the way of to balance the experience shared, but Riot wants to give them more power in the form of attack speed and life by level. As well, have more points of life foundation and a better scale, to ensure a better phase line.

buffs adc

Careful with marksmen like Tristana in solo lanes, with the changes | Source: Riot Games

Buffs to attack speed and the life of the handles

According To Mark Yetter, the leader of the game design, have already begun buffs to the adc both offensive as defensively. For the moment, they are going to try to direct these changes to give more power to the shooters, and less focused on attempting to match directly the difference of experience of adc and support with respect to the other positions.

The changes mentioned are: the item Fervor has a 3% more attack speed, affecting all the objects that are constructed from it. So Cannon rapid fire, Dancer spectral Dagger Statikk and Hurricane Runaan will give a 5% more attack speed.

In addition, they will give 30 points of life foundationplus 5 more points for growth. Will have to see how Riot decides to balance this aspect, since some people think that they can go hands with adcs who abuse it at low levels with an all-in. Will be watching to see what direction they decide to take, as aspects such as that mentioned Shakarez.

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