As we approach the end of chapter 2 of the second season of Fortnite, they begin to leak the news about the next event. The popular battle royale of Epic Games continues on the crest of a wave with constant updates to keep their players entertained.

After a series of live concerts within the game, which counted with the participation of the artists Steve Aoki, Deadmau5 and Dillon Francis, among others, Fortnite is prepared for your event of the end of the season.

The same, according to rumors, would bear the name of Doomsday or day of judgement. The plot around the event it involves a mysterious machine with cables, which can already be seen in the tab of the pass battle, and Midas, one of the officers of this season.

Some fans speculate that the machine appears eventually in the in-game map when it’s finally the start of the event. This is due to the leakage of information about the event includes the machine itself could bring great changes in the map of the game, that we will see in chapter 3.

This theory doesn’t sound so far-fetched given that Fortnite is already has us accustomed to events of this type, if you remember who destroyed your map in the past, through an event within the game.

Anyway, just got to wait for the event to start and end the season on June 4th to know with certainty what will happen.