It seems that the threat of Covid-19 it’s going to continue hovering around the europa league in League of Legends during a time. Through a brief postwe have known relevant information regarding the summer split of LEC.

There will be No final in Malmö, and the players will continue playing in the facilities of their respective teams

We already knew that the european league will return on the 12th of June. However, they were in the air aspects as the instead of the end (it was said some time ago that it would be Malmö, Sweden). Finally, and because of the risk which remains the coronavirushave canceled plans to proceed in the nordic country.

Since the LEC has revealed that are exploring options for this end of the summer splitstill’ll have to wait. In Week 1, the LEC will revert to the studies of Berlin, although only make a “skeleton” of the production teamso you don’t have to do it from their homes.

Image of the logo of the LEC

Gradually, you will increase the number of workers in the study during the course of the summer, returning at some point in this process, the teams and the press.

It will keep the format of online competition, with the teams competing remotely from their own facilities. Finally, and for the bad luck of the fans of the face-to-face, it is not known when they will be back to hold games with the public.

The reason is simple: the more variables enter in the conference (players, press, public…) the more workers they need, something that for the moment it is impossible. Either way, we are in luck: the quality of the broadcast with the return to studying will be excellent, and we can continue to enjoy the best League of Legends in the Old Continent.

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