Updated at 2:25h of may 15: has cost a good amount of hours (from before the 17:00h of yesterday), but finally Epic Games just to troubleshoot all the problems affecting your store and, therefore, the rest of the games. I leave here a collection of the best memes that we have found in relation to this fall of servers that have suffered in the Epic Games Store with the arrival of GTA V free.

Epic Games we are glad on every Thursday with the news that has enabled a new game to be able to free downloadbut this week has been one of the major bombings that occurred in the Epic Games Store to give us GTA V: Premium Edition.

The successful title of Rockstar leads free from 17:00hbut if you try to enter the digital store what’s more normal is that I get an error message, since the servers are down because of the avalanche of users that will be trying to enter right now to get GTA V without paying for it.

This situation not only is hurting the store in itself, that it is impossible to visit it and buy any title. It is also affecting the own Fortnite, the Battle Royale of Epic Games, as the official account of the game on Twitter has reported that they are trying to to solve the problems that are hurting the users at the time of play.

We are investigating the problems on PC and Mac that affect the connection through the launcher and the purchase internal. We will provide an update as we have more information.

So it seems are not being able to connect through the launcher nor on PC nor on Mac and also you can shopping internal in these moments. The company has indicated that it will advise as soon as you have more information, but at least you know what is a must in case you are one of those affected.

It is hoped that throughout the afternoon the situation stabilizes, because this type of cases we have witnessed also in Steam when you start any round of offers, although it is striking that Epic Games is taking a long time to get the store back in order. We will stay attentive with any news you have about it.