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Update (17/05/2020 4:00 PM)

For the second time in the last days, the Epic Games Store has problems in their servers. This was confirmed by Epic Games by means of a press release.

In a posting on Twitter, Epic Games announced that they are aware that players are having problems with your laucher and its online services. The good news is that the company is already working to find a solution to the problem.

“We are aware that some players are experiencing issues with the Epic Games Launcher and online services. We are investigating and will update as soon as we can.

Original note (24/05/2020

This morning leaked information that revealed that the rumor that said that the Epic Games Store would give away Grand Theft Auto V it is true. The above woke up the hype a lot of players who rushed to download it. Unfortunately many have not been able to do this, as the tent fell. The funny thing is that this also affection Fortnite.

By means of his Twitter account and your support site, Epic Games reported that there are problems in the Epic Games Store. The above causes that the players who want to enter the games store for the PC may not be able to do it and to try it only get a screenshot of the error.

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As you can imagine, Epic Games is already working on a solution. Thus, we recommend be patient and come back later for your copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

Fortnite it also has problems

It is worth mentioning that this situation did not stay on the Epic Games Store, since Fortnite is also having problems. What happens is that the situation is also affecting Fortnite.

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What happens is that Epic Games reported that there are also problems to log on to the Battle Royale. It also presents errors in their item shop.

And you, have you been affected by these problems? Tell us in the comments.

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