There is a marked day in all weeks in the calendar, either by X or by y, we never want that reach but, like it or not, I just doing. Yes, we talk about the Monday.

Mondays symbolize the start of 7 days new, which means that, many people, returning to work, to school or to any task that has occupied.

However, on the 27th of April will be a Monday dial-in Fortnite, because it means the end of the event Astronomical Travis Scott– a success throughout the weekend.

The first concert was able to gather more than 12 million simultaneous players, and almost all of the content creators alucinaron with the event. So, if you were not able to come and watch it live, here, we make it easy.

The video in full and without comment of Astronomical

Travis Scott has uploaded on his channel own YouTube the event full of Astronomical, seen from the point of view of the rapper with the best images of the concert.

In addition, and as support, we leave it up to the best images the event, as well as a summary what happened in the more than 9 minutes of the concert of Travis Scott.

The reactions of the greatest content creators

In addition to the spectacle that left us with Travis Scott, it is worth noting some of the reactions of youtubers as ElRubius, TheGrefg, or Ninja.

All of them were amazed with the visual aspect of the event, seeing Travis Scott giant with a combination of Monday, neon, fire, meteors, and stars all over the map of Fortnite.

The event ended on the 26th of April leaving a very sweet taste in the mouth of the players, although people like TheGrefg ended up tired of the event and wanted it to end.