Riot Games launched the release notes for the patch update 10.9 League of Legends that will be held this Wednesday, and in it the Summoners will be in for a big surprise: the return of the Emporium of the Essenceto put it to good use that Essence Blue saved with suspicion for moments like this.

The Emporium of Essence will be available in the client League of Legends for a limited time, as will begin April 30 and end on may 13. As usual, we will be able to use the Essence Blue to get icons, chromas, and even aspects without the need of having to spend or buy RP.

In addition, the new version of the Emporium of the Essence, Riot announced that it will launch improvements for the Boxes of icons Campi Mystery. In the description of the object will be able to see the full list of icons that can be purchased from the box and when you purchase it, will now appear in the tab of Craftsmanship Hextech.

In addition, when you receive an icon that you already possess, you’ll be able to disenchant in exchange for a full refund of the cost of Essence Blue.

You can see all the patch notes 10.9 of League of Legends in this link.

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