The new season of the League of Legends comes with many new features to the Crack Summoner. The first news is that Riot Games Latin America launch finally the mode Clash. It is a new system of tournaments for amateur players, in which you must form teams and move forward on a bracket to direct elimination up to be a champion. The same will be available the first few months of 2020, although there is not yet an exact date set.

The main objective of Clash is that the players do not compete individually, but have to do it in a squad, for a common goal. The tournament will be eight teams, will be played on the weekends to give greater freedom of scheduling to the participants and those who come out champions, will receive in-game rewards. In addition it will display your trophy within the map for two weeks.

Players must choose a name for your team and select a shield customizable. The player best ranked will be the one who determines the range of the squad at the time of the pairings.

To enter the tournaments will not be free, but tickets to participate will be acquired through essence blue, which is the main payment method of the League of Legends. The same can be achieved for free within the game.

The way Clash he did pray, because it was filed in 2018, but for various reasons was delayed, and will launch definitely by 2020: “We had several technical difficulties a while ago. For us it is important that when we launch a product to work well. Especially if it is one you are going to get together with a group of friends and spend part of their time to compete in a tournament of League of Legends. When we saw that there were technical difficulties, we slow down to improve it, and today we feel that is already working perfectly” he told Infobae Andres Varela, Esports Manager of Riot Games Latam.

While the community laughs a little bit of the launches failed, now comes better than ever. They are going to have a competitive experience with friends to participate in a tournament from his home, from a cyber or from where they may be more comfortable. They are going to be able to play against another team, move forward and maybe even win, regardless of their level of League of Legends”, he added.

One of the goals of Clash is that the players feel they are participating in a contest professional, even if it is amateur. In this regard, Varela he added: “They will be able to create your team, share with friends, earn rewards, move forward in the bracket and achieve measured in a currency different to the rankeds (the ranked games within the game), that they are something more individual. It is very important to work in a team”.

One of the reasons why that promises to be so attractive is the fact that the player has to worry just for signing up. Nothing more. The championship with the brackets and opponents are automatically generated through the client’s League of Legends. It is not necessary to look for participants to complete the quota or anything that creates a loss of time: “Sonly you have to get there and compete. The rest works just”.

The goal of this new mode is not to seek new professional players, but they do not deny that can be a great way of ascent: “We believe that covers another spectrum of competitors. Perhaps those who are not necessarily the best on your server but want to have a competitive experience with opponents of their level. The LOL was always a game to be very competitive, in which you want to show own skills and power to beat the other person. I think that doing it on computer is the best waybut neither do we rule out that players that have a high level and a special appeal for this niche and want to follow the natural path of our scene and that it is tested in open circuits to reach the first level”.

There are not yet data accurate as of the launch date, but Varela he noted that it was put to the test, and “almost that it is 100% ready”.