The Circuit Storm, a competition official League of Legends that is celebrated in Spain since 2018 for to enhance the competition amateurbrings this year important developments, which affect above all the competitions face-to-face at different events as The Link is to the online league Circuit by Storm. “The Super League Orange has charged ms force, now the players have history, we have watched you grow, we have been with them during the development of the two last years of the competitive and we want a league that remember the history of these players,” he said is ta morning at the press conference of presentation of the Circuit Storm Leonardo Ibez, Esports Lead at Riot Games.

In this first edition the eight teams participants will be a mixture of the Academy and the Amateurs: Vodafone Giants Academy, Kawaii Kiwi, Sand Wedge, S2V Academy, Source SB (the new name of the participants in the last edition of the Circuit Storm as Stormbringers), Movistar Riders Academy, Killabeez and Europe Saviors.

The circuit Storm LoL has grown to 20 events this to

GG Tech Entertaiment this is the company that organize the Circuit by storm during this year and next. The director of competition, Cristian González, he explained that I was looking for a competition that unites the best equipment, and maintain the emocin throughout the ao to what Circuit Storm will have two distinct stages: in the first part on the one hand is to develop the league of The Nexus facing the four best academies in 2019 and the four best teams in amateur ao’s past. Games The Link disputarn Tuesday from six in the evening during 14 weeks , starting the 17 of march and ending in mid-June.

The circuit Storm LoL has grown to 20 events this to

On the other hand, in this first part of the year include the events face-to-face held until July. In August, jugarn the playoffs of The Nexus to decide who they are the four teams that advance to the next phase, and the other four were irn of the league. From September seguirn on the one hand the events face-to-face and on the other in The Nexus competirn the four who have passed the split with the best four teams in the Circuit by Storm. In November we will start the final phase. Which is considered the second division of the SLO covers as the final months of the year in which there are no other major tournaments.

20 events in 14 different cities for the Circuit Storm

Organized by GG Tech and sponsored by Intel and HP Omen, the Circuit Storm to experience a large growth in participation, as already happened in the previous edition. In 2018, we held 8 events with the participation of 300 teams composed of 2,000 players. In 2019, the events were 10, with 2,000 participating teams and nearly 10,000 players, and in this edition there will be 20 events in 14 different cities in which competirn 3,000 computers with a total of 15,000 players.

The circuit Storm LoL has grown to 20 events this to

Not all tournaments of the events are the same. The category Barn Bashor includes the qualifier online, the open face-to-face, and the final phase, the category Herald which offer an experience in arenas of play and face-to-face, and the category Dragon it is for the event LAN. The first event in which you participate is the Gipuzkoa Encounter -of category Dragon-, followed by the Granada Gaming (category: Barn) and the asturian cometcon (category Herald), all in march.

The circuit Storm LoL has grown to 20 events this to

“Madrid, Bilbao or Mlaga have ms events, but we try to reach the pas and that do not overlap with the projects,” he acknowledged González.

Another of the novelties of this edition of the Circuit Storm is the commitment that has been put on the table Ignacio Jimnez, Intel Spain, to choose to the player “who best promotes the values of inclusion or respect for the team and dowry with equipment OMEN and is invited to watch a game of the LEC in Berlin”, picked up the glove to rewarding the MVP of the competition Catalina Roa, of Omen Spain and when you say: “Expect this, from the beginning we have been with the gamers, Ibez and Jos Parilla, of GGTech.

A contest to decide how to be the prize of The Nexus

College and university students who are conducting research in artistic can participate in the contest “Forging the storm” to designed the trophy that is delivered at The Nexus of this year.

The circuit Storm LoL has grown to 20 events this to

Carmen Wandakun Carballo has been in charge of presenting the competition, whose jury is a part, whose award is in the creation of the official trophy and 1,000 euros for scholarship in materials, besides, mentions, direct in all publications related to the trophy. Wandakun has encouraged students to participate and teachers to encourage considerndolo part of the discourse. “We’ve adapted to the school calendar, since the idea is to serve the students for the end-of-grade or course,” said González; therefore, the projects may be submitted until the 31 of may. The June 15 meet the winner of the contest. More information on the page to rel=”nofollow” href=”” >Forging the storm