This week a new line of challenges lands to Clear Gaming. It is as well that, gamers can Colombia access to a new “level” thanks to the challenges ChiRicos. This is a group of four activities, which will be held in the hand of Super-Rich, which seek to measure the level of the players of our country.

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But these challenges do not come alone, as they will also have a table of classification switches to the Clear Gaming Challenges. It is as well as players will have the opportunity to compete only with people who have the “Level ChiRicos”.

The four games in the challenges ChiRicos are: Call Of Duty Mobile, Minecraft, Clash Royale and Fortnite

Clash Royale: the first game in getting to the challenges ChiRicos

This is the first of four challenges that ChiRicos will have for gamers of colombia. Thus, the goal of this challenge will be to win a game, in the shortest possible time and without receive any damage. in the case of a tie will be decided in battle, in the best style of Clash Royale.

To participate, we recommend you follow the following link.

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