Season 2, Fortnite will only have a few weeks, which means that time is running out for the challenges of extra time to reach the game. We have seen some sort of Challenge of Overtime for each season recently, so it would be surprising if Epic us to survive here.

The user of Reddit u / TSR_Gamer published his thoughts on the challenges of extra time on the subreddit r / FortniteBR, giving you five unique ideas about what will be the challenges of extra-time of the season 2. We are sorting out, here, from lowest to highest probability. With luck, we will not obtain the option number five.

5. Without the challenges of extra time

While it is disappointing, it is possible that we do not have Challenges of extra time for Fortnite Season 2. Epic may have thought that the variants of gold were sufficient, along with the challenges of the Domination of location for XP additional.

This is, in our opinion, unlikely. We have been able to unlock variants of aspect additional since the season X, and Epic always has given us challenges of extra time in addition to them. However, as the saying goes: hope for the best. Get ready for the worst.

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4. variants of Deadpool

Deadpool was a central theme of season 2, which means that its scope could be extended through the challenges of extra time. Imagine an agent with a theme of Deadpool, Peely or Midas. That would be great.

Incredible as it may be, seems to be one of the scenarios that are less likely of this list. In addition to a red color, it is not clear how Epic would that all of these masks are the topic of Deadpool. It’s a great idea, but probably not practical.

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3. Opposing factions

In our opinion, allow us to unlock the variants of the mask opposite would be the most boring for the challenges of extra time. There was a bit of bustle about the choice of sides at the beginning of the season, but most of that has already happened. Many players seem to be happy with your selection, and Team Shadow vs. Team Ghost has injected a bit of entertainment to unlock different variants of the skin.

There are some things that we would like to have in our locker room. For example, the two variants of glider TNTina they look amazing, like the different color options Meowscle. Still, it seems too bland to offer variants opposite as a reward for the challenges of extra time.

Forntite characters in the trailer of the season 2.
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2. Art poster FNCS

FNCS Invitational showed the Agent Peely with a garb of white and gold, something that we have not seen with any of the masks in the game. Could this be hinting at variants of Overtime Challenge?

It is possible, although the first FNCS season 2 did not show the masks of Battle Pass with this outfit. Another option is that the Agent Peely receives this variant with other masks to get different colors.

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1. Variants of platinum / bronze / silver / diamond

This is an original concept and interesting that fits the general theme of Fortnite Season 2. Of course, it is not gold, but use other elements would be an amazing way to differentiate the Challenges of extra time the rest of the Pass battle.

Imagine receiving a Meowscles bronze, a silver Agent Peely and a Midas of diamonds. That would satisfy many players of Fortnite. In addition, this diamond Midas of FireMonkey is simple but striking. Who would not want this in their locker?

Of course, there is a great possibility that the challenges of extra time to give us rewards that are not mentioned here. We could give something like the Beach Meowscles seen in the promotional art for the season 3. After all, the extra time with themes of summer would fit in the season of the real world (at least above the equator).

With a patch expected this week, we’ll probably see the Challenges of Extra Hours, filtered, once and for all. Let’s see if we and / or TSR_Gamer we have reason in some of these, or if it is something completely unexpected.